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Vegan Options

Vegan Options

While none of our products contain dairy or casein the VEGAN options are also egg-free & honey-free.

Vegan Bread

Vegan Bread & Bagels

Same great taste as our regular bread, just with out the egg for our vegan friends!

Vegan Assortment

Vegan Cupcakes & Cakes

Don’t let your desire for a cupcake be stopped by your vegan lifestyle. Our vegan cupcakes are to die for…

Vegan Cookies breakaway bakery

Vegan Cookies

Our vegan cookies are a huge part of our growing vegan variety. Try one of our vegan delicacies…

Vegan Assortment

Vegan Donuts

Our Vegan Donuts are an absolutely mouth warming delight…

Vegan Assortment

Vegan Babka & Sticky Buns

Coffee Cake exploding with dark chocolate… need we say more?

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None of our ingredients, to the best of our knowledge, are processed in facilities that also process peanuts ...Read More...

*Flour is processed in facililty that processes almonds, hazelnuts, soy and corn. Equipment is cleaned and first 15 lbs of next run is donated before packaging. Some products contain coconut oil