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Who's saying what about Breakaway Bakery

Breakaway Bakery – You’d expect to find a kosher bakery along this stretch of Pico Blvd, but one that excludes gluten is an extra mitzvah.  There are also babka and challah (Dayenu!) as well as lemon bars, cakes and frozen dough.

– Lesley Bargar Suter
Food Lovers Guide to LA
(An Encyclopedia of Good Taste)

Los Angeles Magazine , November 2012
Los Angeles Magazine

The quality of the ingredients and bakery items are top notch! The shipment came with care instructions – what to do with the items immediately and then how to store them.

– Kimberly Bouldin
Review: Breakaway Bakery , July 2012

Every single thing I tried was delicious!, I am a tough critic. I couldn’t wait to get home and use the Pumpkin Muffin batter I got, I love baking and love it even more when all I have to do is scoop it out and put it in the muffin tray. Needless to say they came out perfect!

– Rosie aka Organic Mexican Girl
Meet Your Local Organic Bakery
Organic Mexican Girl, July 2012

Raspberry Cranberry Crumble Bar- reminds me so much of Entenmann’s Raspberry Danish Twist — but better! Sweet and tart all in one. Glorious! What great texture in this bar too!

– Amanda Grabler
Breakaway Bakery: Incredible Gluten Free Baked Goods
Gluten Free and Tasty, July 2012

I swear that if you did not know these goodies were gluten free you would not be able to tell the difference.

– Missy
Breakaway Bakery Review
The Kids are all Grown, Now What?, July 2012

I wish I had gotten a video of my son trying these treats. He’s 21 years old, and not a cute little boy anymore, but you still would have gotten a kick out of him saying, “This is all gluten and dairy free?” and “Oh, that’s good!” and “Wow, that’s really lemony,” and “How much do these cost? Can we buy some?”

– Linda
Breakaway Bakery Review
Gluten Free Homemaker, July 2012

Every single item I tasted was delicious and miles better than any other Gluten Free/Dairy Free baked good in LA. Not only is presentation on par (if not better) than any other bakery in town, but the flavors, texture and overall appeal of Janice’s treats are spectacular!

– Reformed Foodie
Bakery Review: Breakaway Bakery on Pico
Reformed Foodie , June 2012

Try the Mint Scouties and you’ll never want for Girl Scouts Thin Mints again.And don’t forget the loads of other fresh-baked and frozen goods.

– Mar Yvette
Gluten-Free In LA: 12 Creative Spots
Huffington Post, May 2011

L.A.’s gluten-free bakeries have some new green competition… Breakway Bakery’s a much-needed option for sweet-toothed Angelenos with diet sensitivities.

I sampled a lil’ chocolate mint scoutie, a raspberry pinch, a snickerdoodle, a brownie, a scone and the raspberry crumble bar. My favorites were the raspberry crumble bar and raspberry pinch; both were delicious.

– Stephen
Do you love it or do you love it?
Gluten Freeways Blog, February 2011

I’ve eaten nothing but pastries all day – and I feel GREAT!!!

– The Actor’s Diet
Breakaway Bakery – The Actor’s Diet
The Actor’s Diet, January 2011

The menu at Breakaway features cupcakes, muffins and cookies — some of which are vegan — but it also includes gluten-free varieties of Jewish favorites like hamantashen, rugelach (raspberry-cinnamon and apricot-fig) and mandelbread.

– The Jewish Journal
How Sweet it is- The Jewish Journal
The Jewish Journal, June 2011

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